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Every event is different.  No matter whether you’re having a wedding, planning a corporate event or throwing a party, Springs Sounds sets the stage for fun for everyone, including people of all ages and temperaments.  With Interactive Entertainment, we’ll make sure your party is everything you want it to be!


How will you reminisce about your wedding in years to come?  Will you remember your grandparents on the dance floor?  Your friends singing along to your favorite songs?  Your first dance as husband and wife?


Springs Sounds knows all of the wedding traditions, from the bouquet toss to cake cutting.  We’ll teach you a dance for your First Dance and we even have professional dance instructors who can offer lessons at the wedding for your guests!


Springs Sounds makes your wedding a celebration that your whole family will remember happily for years to come!




Corporate Events

Are you planning a corporate event?  


 Springs Sounds Entertainment delivers the most exceptional corporate event experience!

  You receive a Party Host, Dance Instructor / Performer, and Emcee

all in one!!


Enhance the experience by adding one or more of the following elements designed to break the ice, direct the activities, and include everyone in this amazing event.


Sync This! - The Ultimate Lip Sync Showdown, brings everybody together for the most hilarious and interactive experience of its kind.


Interactive Illusionists - Up Close Magic, Mentalism, Escape artistry, pickpocket and aerial entertainment that will amaze and add the element of surprise and wonder during your cocktail hour and dinner. 


Aerial Entertainers- They are the kick off to the dancing portion- It's time for shock and awe! Let the party begin!


The Interactive Illusionists Package -Includes all 3.


We do it all!  Don’t leave the fun to chance!  Call Springs Sounds Entertainment at 719-232-6038 to learn how we can make your party a one of a kind event your company won't forget!



The Kid Magician Addie is a rising star in the magic industry. Addison is the youngest member of the Interactive Illusionists. Chase is a 10 year escape artist, escaping from police handcuffs, Siberian handcuffs, this is trick Houdini made famous. The other members of the interactive illusionists our the staff of Springs Sounds Entertainment Jeff, Dillon, Toby, Sam and Kristian we specializing in close up magic, mentalism, escape artistry, and pick-pocketing (we promise to give everything back!) The Interactive Illusionists are crowd pleasing for both adults and children, using interactive card tricks and sleight-of-hand magic, aerial entertainment. Watch out though, because you may end up being the center of attention when one of our talented illusionists calls on you to help with a trick or two! 





School Dances

Do you remember your first school dance?  Remember the boys lined up on one side of the room and the girls on the other?


Springs Sounds mixes up your event with the latest hits and dances!  We even have staff members young enough to relate to your guests and know what they’ll enjoy most.  


With Interactive Entertainment, we’ll make sure your young guests get out on the floor and have fun!



Interactive Illusionists

Springs Sounds Interactive Entertainment and Interactive Illusionists sets the stage for you and your guests to create those memories by bringing more than just music to your party. We make your event a customized celebration that fits your style with Interactive Entertainment!


What is Interactive Entertainment? The skilled entertainers of Springs Sounds pull out all the stops to make sure every guest is comfortable and having the time of their life. We aren’t just DJs. For the ultimates corporate event , specialized parties. Ask for :


  • The Interactive Illusionist Package 
  • Magicians
  • Party Hosts
  • Dance Instructors
  • Dance Performers
  • Emcees
  • Aerial Entertainers

Interactive illusionists are a part of Springs Sounds to break the ice, direct the activities put on amazing show. And we do it all! Corporate Events, Weddings, School Events and more! Magicians, Illusionists, Hypnotist, Aerial Entertainers and so much more.

Don’t leave the fun to chance! Call Springs Sounds at 719-232-6038 and learn how we can make your party an event to remember!

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Other Events & Services

Whether it’s an island or a movie, Springs Sounds can make your theme party come alive!  We also offer choreography, dance instruction and even aerial entertainers for flash mobs.  


We offer on-site dance lessons for all events and can even record the fun in high definition video technology!  Learn about our videography services through On Location Video.


We've got the equipment you'll need too!  Need a projector and a screen for a corporate presentation or a family reunion slide show?  We’ve got it!  Looking for dramatic LED uplighting to make the room glamorous?  We’ve got that too!






Whatever you’re planning, Springs Sounds is dedicated to making your event a party to remember!  Call us today at 719-232-6038!